New Study Says a Drink a Day Keeps Inflammation Away

We’ll never tire of science finding new reasons for us to have another cocktail. The most recent excuse: Researchers from the National Institute on Aging found that drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial to the health of older people. The group published a study in the British journal Age & Ageing claiming that alcohol, especially red wine, helps prevent inflammation, cardiovascular diseases and frailty. Break out the Sangria.

According to The Drinks Business, researchers found a correlation between reduced numbers of C-reactive proteins, which are associated with inflammation and muscular deterioration, and moderate alcohol consumption. The new study also confirmed previous findings that moderate drinkers fell prey to cardiovascular disease less than teetotalers or heavy drinkers.

Doctor’s orders to drink daily is reason enough to celebrate your golden years—telling people to get off your lawn and wearing pretty much anything are bonuses. We can’t wait to grow up.

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