Aldi’s $15 Spiced Rum Just Won Gold Over Pricier Competition

German grocery chain Aldi is at it again. While 2017 was a big year for Aldi-branded budget alcohol (the retailer won more than 200 medals for its alcohol in 12 short months), it’s not done scooping up accolades just yet. Aldi’s $15 Old Hopking Spiced Rum won gold in a recent rum tasting, beating out competition that costs more than three times as much.

The tasting was The Spirits Business Rum Masters 2018 held in London. Industry professionals broke up the broader category of rum into 24 specific categories from white rum, to rhum agricole, to cachaça. It was in the competitive and packed spiced rum category that Aldi stood out most. The tasters gave Old Hopking Spiced Rum a gold medal and emphasized the rum’s chocolate and hazelnut notes.

“People often see spiced rum as a commercial venture; there’s a snobbery around it and a lot of rum connoisseurs turn their noses up at it,” Nicola Thomson, a beverage director and one of the panel’s tasters, told The Spirits Business. “But it brings new rum drinkers into the category, so it’s important to have a high quality offering.”

It doesn’t hurt when those high quality offerings come at such a low price. Other affordable winners include Bayou Spiced Rum from Louisiana ($20) and Negrita Spiced ($14). Aldi is one place where it appears you just can’t go wrong, though. If you’re looking for consistent value you can trust—whether that be in budget scotch, $13 gin or mini Champagne bottles and now rum—Aldi’s got you covered.