Aldi Is Selling Beer and Wine for Your Dogs and Cats This Holiday Season

Your pets generally miss out on the fun when you have a drink or two at home, but that no longer needs to be the case. Aldi, the German discount grocery chain that has developed a reputation for odd and surprisingly good spirits, will start selling beer for good doggos and Prosecco for cats on December 7, just in time to bring your pets in on the holiday cheer.

The dog beer is called Bottom Sniffer, and is a wild concoction of barley malt, water, dandelion, nettle, flax seeds, rooibos, and chicken flavoring. The cats get a Prosecco called Pawsecco, because there’s always a mewment for cat puns. Pawsecco comes in rosé and white, and is made with an “herbal infusion” of elderflower, nettle, ginseng and lime flower.

All of the beverages are non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and pet-friendly, according to The Drinks Business. They’re even a little healthy, thanks to input on the recipes from veterinarians. The drinks are designed by Woof & Brew, which makes teas, tonics and treats for pets. Aldi has already stolen the drinking population’s attention with products like alcoholic popsicles, award-winning and affordable gin and Scotch, pink Prosecco cheese and salted caramel vodka. Now it’s going after the pets.

Lucky dogs and cats in Europe and the U.K. can tell their humans to pick up the drinks at Aldi for around $3.50. While Americans can’t stop by the local Aldi to pick it up, they can buy bottles of Bottom Sniffer on Amazon for around $20 after shipping.