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Paddy’s Pub From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Is Coming Back to San Francisco

Get excited, Flipadelphians; Paddy’s Pub from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will once again be a real place. The “worst bar in Philadelphia” is popping up in San Francisco at Comedy Central’s second Colossal Clusterfest from June 1-3.

Last year, the bar featured “a disgusting bathroom that is seriously only for photo ops,” as well as food and drink inspired by the show and prepared by local chefs—and beer, obviously. Fans of the show who had worries about the safety of the food and drink were reassured that the pub was recreated “minus the numerous health code violations.” That gave people free reign to consume all of the Beer and Beef and infamous Rum Ham as they could. Eating your drinks, Frank? That is genius.

You’ll need a ticket to the Colossal Clusterfest to drink in Paddy’s Pub. It’ll be held at the Civic Center Plaza and Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, with tickets ranging from $99 for a single day to $600 for a three-day VIP package.  

Last year, Paddy’s joined other fictional restaurants like Monk’s Cafe and the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld—which made sense given that Jerry Seinfeld hosted the weekend—and a South Park food court, which included Tweek Bros Coffee, Casa Bonita, Les Bos, Raisins, Whistlin’ Willy’s Pizza Gulch and a chili con carnival. Which of those (if any) will be joining Paddy’s for round two hasn’t been released yet, but there will be a South Park County Fair.

The Clusterfest headliners include Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, The Lonely Island, Michael Che, Tiffany Haddish and too many others that you’d probably be far too excited to see. The Clusterfest is bound to be—well—a clusterfest, which means the party at Paddy’s to be a true rager. So knock out any friends afraid to leave Philly and get over to San Fran for an epic game of Flip Flip Flipadelphia.