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Amazon Is Opening a Pop-Up Bar in Japan

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name—and shipping address and preferred credit card and gift wish list. Apparently, delivering booze to your door in under an hour just wasn’t enough for Amazon. Now, the mega e-retailer is opening up its own brick and mortar bar.

Sadly, the bar is not permanent, and, even sadder, it’s not in the US. The creatively titled Amazon Bar will pop-up in Tokyo’s Ginza district for 10 days starting on October 20, serving wine, whiskey, beer and sake (all products sold through Amazon Japan), along with a few exclusive specialty drinks. According to CNBC, there won’t be a menu. Instead, Amazon sommeliers will make recommendations to guests, who will place their orders via an automated ordering system.

This is not Amazon’s first foray into the actual physical world. The company recently launched a trial version of Amazon Go, its cashierless convenience store concept, in Seattle. There has been no word about the company having any plans to make the bar permanent, but we can only hope the pop-up is successful enough to make its way stateside. Hey, remember when Amazon just sold books? Those were crazy days.