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Amazon Go Stores Will Sell Alcohol

We already can’t wait for Amazon Go, the digital marketplace’s new, cashier-less, brick-and-mortar, grab-and-go convenience store concept, to officially open. And now a new report suggests that is going to be even more awesome: The trial shop in Seattle that exclusively serves Amazon employees (set to open to the public in “early 2017”) recently applied for a liquor license.

The news follows the e-commerce brand’s recent introduction of one-hour booze delivery, proving that the brand really does know its customers. Amazon Go stores require no floor staff, letting shoppers enter and buy items using only a smartphone, and tracking items in their shopping carts using cameras and other sensors. Adding beer and wine into the mix does somewhat muss up that elegant system, though, as flesh and blood employees will need to be on hand to check identification. Where’s the fun in a grab-and-go store if we have to speak to another human being? Looks like we won’t be giving up ordering cases for delivery in our underpants entirely. But we do look forward to supplementing them with the occasional IPA and club sandwich snagged from the futuristic store.