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Anthony Bourdain Reveals the One Thing He Refuses to Drink

Anthony Bourdain has traveled the world, eating many-a-food and drinking many-a-drink, but it turns out even he has his limits. And that limit is tequila shots.

“If I’ve been drinking, and at 11 o’clock at night someone approaches me with the idea that we should do some tequila shots, this is always an important moment,” Bourdain told Refinery29. It is at that point that he is faced with a decision: to do the shot or to abstain. If he chooses to imbibe, the outcome is clear: “No good will come of this,” he said.

Bourdain’s reluctance to take tequila shots is less about the spirit itself and more about the timing and social implications behind the offer, usually by a “friend..who may be smiling.” In a previous interview, Bourdain told Supercall that, “The older I get, the less complexity I want. I don’t want to be forced out of that magic moment of experiencing something emotionally.” And nothing forces one out of the moment and into an impromptu party like tequila shots.

We wouldn’t be surprised if a night of one-too-many ill-advised tequila shots inspired his signature hangover cure: “Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food.” So if you see Bourdain out on Cinco de Mayo, buy him a Paloma (or, better yet, his favorite cocktail, a Negroni), and spare him the tequila shots.