Anthony Bourdain Says It’s OK to Put Ice in Your Scotch

Much of Anthony Bourdain’s career has been spent flying around the globe learning the ins and outs of various cuisines and passing on that knowledge to his incredibly loyal cult of followers. Over the years, he’s picked up plenty of drinking tips too, not least of which is how to cure a hangover. But there’s one longstanding rule he thinks is worth breaking: No ice in scotch.

Come to find out, Bourdain prefers his whisky with a rock or two. On an episode of podcast Drinky Fun Time, Bourdain confessed to Dan Dunn, drinks writer and co-host of the podcast, that he recently developed a taste for the Scottish spirit and that ice “seems to open it up a little in a way I like.”

Before you get too up in arms about Bourdain’s preferred method of scotch consumption, know that he did add one caveat to calm the nerves of militant whisky drinkers out there: Consider the whisky’s age. The Parts Unknown host reserves anything older than 23 years strictly for sipping neat.

While the rest of us squabble over proper whisky drinking procedures, Bourdain is off living his best life with a dram in hand: On the podcast, Bourdain also discussed a recent trip to Antarctica, where he sampled a lowball of whisky with a few chunks of ice harvested from a nearby glacier. If that doesn’t sound like the proper way to enjoy a measure of scotch, we don’t know what does.