Collagen-Infused Gin Claims to Make You Look Younger

Nearly every centenarian claims that their favorite booze is their secret to a long life, but what if you’re not just trying to live forever but also maintain your youthful glow for years to come? One gin distillery is hoping to deliver you this elixir of life, in the form of anti-aging CollaGin.

CollaGin, a new, yet-to-be-released gin, contains “anti-ageing” botanicals such as star anise, pink grapefruit and orris, along with pure collagen—an amino-acid-packed, fibrous protein that keeps skin looking smooth and resilient, but naturally breaks down as you age.

The brand claims that sipping collagen rather than applying it topically allows the whole body to consume and process it, repairing both the connective tissues in your body and your skin. But considering alcohol’s dehydrating properties, we’re a little skeptical about a bottle of booze claiming to do your skin any favors.

This is not the first bottle of punny gin to claim to be a fountain of youth—Anti-AGin, which dubbed itself the “alcoholic equivalent of a facial,” was released at the same price point in the U.K. last year.

You can pre-order CollaGin online for $43. Once it arrives, mix it into a refreshing Gin & Tonic—or as the brand calls it, a “Skin & Tonic.” But if your biological clock is ticking and you can’t wait that long for a happy hour facial, mix up one of our spa day cocktails—like the Veronica Rose, whose leftover ingredients can be used to make a rose water masque.