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Applebee’s is Selling $1 Bahama Mamas All February

If it’s the first day of a new month and Applebee’s hasn’t announced a fresh drink special, did the new month even start? Riding on the success of the chain restaurant’s Dollaritas, Dollar L.I.I.T.s and $2 Blue Moons for January’s blue moon, Applebee’s is selling $1 Bahama Mamas all of February. It’s calling the deal (all caps, their choice) the DOLLARMAMA.

Chalk this one up to Applebee’s trying to bring the summertime vibes to the depths of winter. The announcement even has the uplifting tagline “It’s summer somewhere!” Applebee’s Bahama Mama is a vacation-ready mix of rum, pineapple, orange, lime, coconut and cherry. It’s a cruise ship without the seasickness, a beach without crunchy sand in your cup.

People might need some of those summer vibes this month. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, early to mid February will be some of the coldest days of winter. Sure, the publication has its faults and it’s far from the perfect weather predictor, but is it enough to convince you to drink beach drinks indoors? Yes, yes it is.

Applebee’s has found a groove with its drink specials. This month the trademarked DOLLARMAMA is labeled as the “Neighborhood Drink of the Month,” so hopefully future months follow through. Until then, we’ll be sipping some Bahama Mamas pretending it’s not freezing outside.

h/t: Delish