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Applebee's Is Selling $2 Blue Moons All January

Applebee’s is at it again. Following up on the successes of October’s Dollaritas and December’s Dollar L.I.T., the neighborhood chain is starting 2018 off right with $2 Blue Moon drafts.

The 10-ounce drafts of wheat beer garnished with an orange peel will flow until the end of January, according to Delish. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. On January 31, there is an actual blue moon (when a full moon happens twice in one month) in the sky as well.

“Once in a blue moon you’ll find a 10-ounce draft of Blue Moon for just two bucks,” Applebee’s writes on its promotion page. “So if you’re in the neighborhood under this blue moon — it’s this January — grab a friend or two for a beer or two.”

And while you might think of wheat beers as summer sippers, one thing is for sure: There won’t be any issue with watered down drinks like the incident with the Dollaritas. Plus light beer goes well with the other promotion Applebee’s has in January. All you can eat riblets and chicken tenders with free fry refills are back starting January 1 for $12.99.

Applebee’s sure knows how to make sure it’s all good in the neighborhood this year.