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Australian Man Creates Christmas Tree out of Beer

Wes Boyd/Facebook

Tourists may flock to New York to get a glimpse of the big tree in Rockefeller Center every winter, but in the Australian summer, people are gathering to witness a more impressive yuletide miracle: a giant Christmas tree made out of beer cans.

Wes Boyd has erected a nearly 15-foot Christmas tree made entirely of stacked up Victoria Bitter beer cans in his driveway in Perth. If that’s not Australian enough, the “tree” is topped with a beer can replica of Ned Kelly, an Australian bushranger (essentially an outlaw) from the 1800s.

The bright green tree is comprised of 2,536 cans of VB and even illuminates at night. Unfortunately, it does not contain any actual beer—Boyd and his friends have been saving the empty cans for over a year (at least someone got to enjoy that bounty of brews).

Boyd built the tree both as a “tribute to his love of beer,” according to Metro UK, and to raise money for Alzheimer’s Australia, in honor of his mother and grandmother who both died with the disease. If you happen to be down under during the Christmas season, you can behold the beer can tree throughout the month of December. Or, you could always create your own boozy Christmas tree out of mini whiskey bottles using our handy tutorial instead.