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The Backstreet Boys Might Be Coming Out with a Tequila

Backstreet’s back to rock your body with tequila, maybe. The Backstreet Boys are looking into starting their own tequila brand, Céline Bossart writes for Tasting Table.

The band dropped the news during a press conference for a two-show performance at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun. Kevin Richardson, the oldest member of the group, said that he likes “a good reposado or añejo.” Then Nick Carter, the youngest member of the group, added, “And that leads us into talking about our tequila venture that we’ll be coming out with. [We] just need to find a partner here in Mexico.”

This was the first mention of a BSB branded tequila, and it would be larger than life if it all works out.

“I’m not sure how developed the plan is, but I hope to see it come to fruition,” Bossart tells Supercall. She added that when Carter casually dropped the tequila news, “the crowd listened intently. We basically hung on his every word. It’s huge news for Backstreet Boys and the tequila industry alike.”

They wouldn’t be the first celebrities to enter the alcohol business. Tequila in particular has been a hotbed of celebrity endorsements, from former NSYNC leader Justin Timberlake’s Sauza 901 to George Clooney’s billion-dollar Casamigos brand.

“Nick, by far, was the most into it,” Bossart says. “They all seemed pretty stoked about the prospect but he was the one to break the news, and he was beaming as he delivered it.”

None of the Backstreet Boys mentioned specific brands they had in mind or enjoyed, but Bossart is willing to bet there will be at least a reposado in addition to a blanco if everything pans out. Let’s hope it does, because I want it that way, and the celebrity tequila market feels incomplete without them.

“I met them after and was like, ‘OK, were you guys serious about this,’” Bossart says. “And they unanimously said ‘yeah!’”