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There’s a Bacon and Beer Festival Touring the U.S.

In terms of buzzwords that hold the promise of a good time, “beer” and “bacon” are pretty high up there. The Bacon and Beer Classic turns that good time promise into reality, and this year it’s traveling the U.S. from coast to coast.

Since 2014, the Bacon and Beer Classic has thrown down in baseball parks and football stadiums. It combines, naturally, beer and bacon, recruiting breweries and restaurants in each city to add a local feel to each event. This year, the festival will hit Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, Santa Clara, Scottsdale, Seattle and the Twin Cities.

General admission tickets give you access to three hours of unlimited beer and bacon creations. At last year’s event in New York, vendors served more than 100 different beers from 50 breweries and more than 50 different iterations of bacon dishes.

It’s not the only festival combining bacon and beer. There’s a drinking festival going on in every state this year, and a good number of them also focus on the fail-proof beer-plus-bacon combo. None of those other festivals, however, take place in professional sports stadiums like the Bacon and Beer Classic.

Exact dates for each city can be found on the Bacon and Beer Classic website.