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This Patrón-Only Australian Bar Has $100 Margaritas and $7,000 Tequila

Australia normally wouldn’t rank high on the list of countries where you can expect tequila to be given the respect it deserves, or where the humble Margarita is elevated to its highest form. Normal, however, isn’t a word to describe the drinks at the new Bar Patrón in Sydney.

Bar Patrón, which was opened by the esteemed Rockpool Dining Group (multiple World’s 50 Best Restaurants places under chef Neil Perry), is an agave oasis about as far away from Mexico as you can get both culturally and physically. The bar features rare Patrón tequilas and exclusive barrel-select tequilas that you can only get at Bar Patrón in Australia. If you couldn’t guess by the name, the bar serves Patrón and Patrón only, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. Ranging from añejos aged in ex-bourbon casks to reposados aged in Hungarian or French oak, there’s something for all types of tequila-loving palates. On the exclusive side of the menu, there are bottles like En Lalique Serie 1 and 2, a bottle collaboration with French crystal makers. Only 500 bottles were made of each and one bottle can cost $7,000 retail.

You don’t have to love all things expensive tequila to find something here, though. Cocktails, which range from $20 to $40 depending on the tequila you choose, are organized by “Classics” (Margaritas, Palomas), “So Fresh” (fruity and light) and “Rich & Smooth” (tequila Old Fashioned, a Negroni twist, etc.). The eye stopper on the menu—because what is a bar that serves $7,000 tequila without a jaw-dropping cocktail—is a $100 Margarita aptly named the Millionaires Margarita. The cocktail is made tableside in a coupe glass, and earns its weight in ingredients and literal gold—specifically, a thin piece of gold leaf placed on top of a ball of ice.

According to a lackluster New York Times review, the food is nothing to get excited about. On the drinks front though, it looks like Australia can do fancy tequila bars with the best of them.