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Watch This Bartender Pour 17 Jägerbombs at Once

Want to get a group of frat boys to cheer like they’ve just witnessed real magic? Drop a shot of Jägermeister into a glass of Red Bull with a fizzy plop. Want to get us to cheer like we’ve witnessed real magic? Drop multiple shots of Jägermeister into multiple glasses of Red Bull with one, harmonious fizzy plop, which is exactly what one talented bartender did.

In 2015, German bartender Philip Traber beat the world record for the most Jägerbombs poured at once with an impressive 14. Now his record has been shattered, by none other than Traber himself. Using a complex setup of carefully balanced shot glasses, stacked tumblers filled with Jäger and some domino-inspired physics, Traber poured 17 Jägerbombs in one go. It’s really something that defies description—you need to watch the video, below, to believe it.  

The most Jägerbombs dropped at once isn’t actually an official Guinness World Record unfortunately, but there is a record for the longest domino drop shot. The Nassau location of Señor Frog’s holds that title with 4,107 shots, and the video is mesmerizing.

Since 17 glasses appears to be Traber’s maximum wingspan, he better start stretching if he wants to beat his record again.