The Most Embarrassing Drink Orders, According to 260 Bartenders

What you order at the bar says a lot about you, but it’s hard to know exactly how your drink is perceived unless you ask. asked more than 260 current and former American bartenders which drink calls gave them negative opinions of a customer, and you may or may not want to change your go-to.

At your standard bar, the most judged drink order is, by far, the Appletini. A whopping 49 percent of the bartenders surveyed said the fruit fest of a drink makes them think less of the person who orders it. The Kahlua and Coffee brought judgment by 24 percent of bartenders, and 12 percent of bartenders thought unfavorably of people who order Screwdrivers.

But as we all know, it’s not just what you order; it’s where you order it. At restaurant bars, Jägerbombs were the worst, with 40 percent of restaurant bartenders disapproving. That was closely followed by Sex on the Beach (38 percent), light beer (29 percent) and White Russians (17 percent).

At cocktail bars, 39 percent of bartenders look down on people who order frozen drinks, and 30 percent judge people who order Irish Car Bombs—the 10th most googled cocktail of 2017. If you’re into nightclubs and crave a Long Island Iced Tea then head to Applebee’s, because 29 percent of nightclub bartenders thought negatively of people who order them.

Finally there’s the beloved pub. In the survey, 23 percent of pub bartenders want you to order what you want, so long as you don’t want water. The Mojito followed closely behind with 19 percent, and the Old Fashioned at 11 percent.

If you want to earn some bartender respect, order a Negroni made with specific brands, or a next level Martini. Worst comes to worst, just stick to the classics.