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You Can Now Become a Gin Expert at Gin School

Grab your backpack and fill your thermos with Beefeater, because you’re going back to school—gin school, that is. Whether you’re a Martini aficionado or a G&T loyalist, gin drinkers everywhere can improve their knowledge of their favorite spirit by enrolling in the Listoke Gin School—a class that promises to take you from gin novice to botanical expert in just three hours.

Based in County Louth, Ireland at the Listoke Distillery, the gin school (whose mascot, we can only assume, is some sort of anthropomorphic juniper berry) instructs students on the ins and outs of gin production, so that they can create a bottle of gin that’s perfectly tailored to their flavor preferences.

The session begins with a round of gin refreshments and a tour of the distillery, followed by a tasting of three different gins and a lesson in botanicals. Then, everyone selects their own ingredients to create a unique flavor profile for their own personal gin. Once these special recipes are distilled, the gins are bottled and labeled—ready to take home, drink and brag about.

The class costs 95 euros (about $100) per person, or 90 euros ($96) if you’re booking with a group. You can book the class online at the distillery’s website.

If you can’t make it to Ireland to create your own bespoke bottle of gin, you can still learn about the production process here on Supercall and how to transform a boring bottle of vodka into a flavorful, botanical gin, instantly.