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This Guy Built a Swimming Pool of Beer Cans in His Shed

Scrooge has his coins, Kendrick Lamar has his pool full of liquor and a mysterious Australian man has a shed of beer cans he can swim through. In a series of videos posted on YouTube, an unnamed man shows off what is surely the largest personal collection of empty Victoria Bitter beer cans by diving into it Burger King ball pit style.

Cigarette dangling from his lips, the man wades through a stash of 30,000 cans he’s hoarded over the past 15 years. He points at them, he mimics swimming and, finally, he dives in before asking, “how do I get out of here?” A woman in one of the videos gives some context, explaining that “it might have got a bit fuller since the last video, but this is it, this is one man,” she says, “15 years of his most favorite beers.” The pop of another beer being opened is heard somewhere nearby.

The stockpile of cans is a feat by any measure. According to one online Australian retailer, a can of Victoria Bitter costs around $3.80, meaning the 30,000-can collection cost some $114,000. That, plus the cost of the wooden walls holding the cans in, means the whole thing costed close to the price of a small home. Not to mention the 10 cents per can ($3,000) he could get if he turned them all in for a recycling refund. Money is just paper if you don’t spend it though, and it’s often the simplest things in life that make people the happiest. Yes, it probably smells like the dank floors of an early 2000s house party that was never cleaned. Sure, aluminum cans aren’t the most pliable material (somehow none of the cans are crushed). But it’s his, whoever he is.