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This Icelandic Beer Spa Is the Ultimate Treat Yo’ Self Experience

Beer lovers rejoice: Now you can drink your beer and bathe in it too. The recently opened Bjórböðin beer spa in Iceland features seven Kambala wood beer bathtubs. And they’re not just for IPA fanatics who regularly dream of climbing into a pint; soaking in beer is purported to have healthy benefits.

“Beer bath, where you bathe in both young beer and live beer yeast, without showering it off until some hours later, has an extremely powerful effect on the body and skin,” the spa’s website claims. “This treatment is both cleansing for the skin and has a very positive effect on health.”

You can’t drink the beer in which you are soaking—that would be very, very gross and, also, the live yeast in the beer bath is not good for your insides—but each tub is equipped with a separate tap so you can fill up your stein and enjoy a brew while relaxing in a brew. In addition to the seven beer tubs, which can hold up to two people at a time, the spa also features two outdoor hot tubs (filled with water) that accommodate up to 10 and offer sweeping views of Hrísy island and the Þorvalds Valley. You can also drink beer in those al fresco baths. This is, remember, a beer spa.

Instead of cucumber water and dressing-free salads, the restaurant at the spa serves beer-appropriate foods like deep fried camembert, charcuterie and a variety of burgers, so you can satisfy your munchies after a hard day of floating in beer.

Bjórböðin isn’t the first place to offer a boozy health experience. Japanese sake pools and beer spa treatments are making waves around the world as folks seek out increasingly unique (and happy hour-friendly) vacations.