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Bentley Designed the Car Bar of Your Dreams

If you’re sick and tired of climbing into your chauffeured Bentley only to arrive at your destination parched, you’re in luck. The luxury car brand just unveiled new Mulliner cooler cabinets to choose from when customizing your Mulsanne or Flying Spur.

The secreted coolers come in three different styles. There’s the Refrigerated Drinks Cooler for those who prefer non-alcoholic refreshments; the Illuminated Cocktail Cabinet, which shines a light on its contents (two crystal decanters, two hand-blown crystal glasses and a Bentley-branded hip flask); and, last but certainly not least, the Refrigerated Champagne Cooler, which is spacious enough to house a bottle of bubbly behind the frosted glass along with two crystal flutes.

It seems like Bentley has thought of everything—except for the fact that passengers can’t legally be driven with an open container in the majority of the country. While some states like Tennessee and Connecticut do allow passengers to imbibe in a motor vehicle and others allow backseat drinking if the car is registered as a taxi or limousine, it looks like only a select few will be cashing in on the new features. Until we hit the lottery and relocate to Connecticut, we’ll just stick to Ubering to bars with the rest of the drinking class.