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Unicorn Tears Gin Is Better Than Ever

If you thought Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur was delicious before, get ready to have your taste buds (and imagination) overloaded with an even more magical booze. Firebox—essentially the British version of ThinkGeek—has reformulated their popular mythological liqueur, first released last year, for the 2016 holiday season. Don’t worry—it still features the sparkling, Goldschläger-like silver tinsel floating throughout the gin.

According to The Spirits Business, Firebox managing director Kristian Bromley said the company has revamped the distinctive bottle, fine-tuned the secret recipe of botanicals, and improved their “emotion harvesting technology” to squeeze every boozy drop from their unicorn herd. What’s more, the renewed Unicorn Tears liqueur is the flagship magical booze in an upcoming Mythical Tears range. You can pick up the Unicorn Tears now while you wait, and invite your favorite ogres, dragons and Cthulhus over for a mythical cocktail party.