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Betty White Says Vodka and Hot Dogs Are the Secrets to a Long Life

Vodka is many things. It’s adaptable, endlessly useful for all sorts of household chores and, if you’re Betty White, one of the secrets to a long, happy life. In an interview with Parade centered around White’s 96th birthday on January 17, she spilled the secret to her well-being: positivity, vodka and hot dogs.

When White was asked if she had any inside information on how to live a happy and healthy life, she said it’s all about being able to “enjoy life” and “accentuate the positive, not the negative.” She then added vodka and hot dogs to the list, “probably in that order.”

Sounds like a winning list. Seeing the vodka glass half full with a solid ‘dog on the side? If that doesn’t make you want to live well into your nineties, there’s no hope.

White’s not the only elder who swears that a drink or two is the secret to longevity, but she’s definitely the most famous. There’s Mabel Jackson, the 100-year-old who credits six Gin & Tonics a day. Then there’s Grace Jones, who thanks a daily nightcap of Famous Grouse for helping her hit 109. And who could forget Gladys Stroud, the woman who attributes reaching 99 in part to sex, cigars and scotch. Vodka and hot dogs, though, is a new one. Turns out it wasn’t a healthy and balanced diet that made everyone’s favorite Golden Girl shine.

It might be time to reconsider your diet. It’s hard to argue with a relentlessly happy and always hilarious six-time Emmy winner with a 75 year career.