You Can Now Buy Boxed Whiskey, Tequila and Vodka

Mark Yocca / Supercall
Mark Yocca / Supercall

Get ready to ditch the bottle for the box. Boxed whiskey, tequila and vodka are here, giving you the opportunity to pour your favorite liquors from a spigot. Black Box, known for its upscale boxed wines, recently debuted a spirits line called Black Box Spirits. And just like the low price of the wines, all three spirit choices are more than affordable: $25 for 1.75 liters (the size of a handle, but in cardboard).

There’s not much information out about the spirits yet. What is known is that the tequila is unaged, the vodka is grain based and triple distilled and the whiskey is six years old and from Canada. Also, there’s the obvious fact that having liquor on tap has never been easier. If that’s not reason enough to be excited about boxed spirits, though, think of the environment. Glass bottles are worse for the environment in every way from creation to shipping. Black Box makes the claim that their packaging has half the carbon footprint of glass bottles.

Glass alternatives have been on the rise for beer and wine for years now. From boxed wine to canned wine and canned craft beer, lighter packaging with a smaller carbon footprint is all the rage. It’s finally time for spirits to get in on it. Fireball sent its boxed cinnamon whiskey out into the world in 2016, and Pinkster started selling pink gin in a box in early 2018.

As of now, it might be a little hard to find Black Box Spirits. Pennsylvania liquor stores carry all three, but none of them are on Black Box’s website yet. To all the budget alcohol lovers out there in need of a convenient box of spirits who are not in Pennsylvania, you’ll just have to wait.