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You Can Pay for a Bloody Mary with Tampons (and It’s for a Good Cause)

How much should a Bloody Mary cost? $5? $10? What about a box of tampons? At a special, period-themed brunch in Scotland this weekend, you can pay for Bloodies with tampons and sanitary napkins. It’s not a joke. In fact, it’s for a good cause.

The Bloody Big Brunch is a charity event with donations going to the Trussell Trust, a U.K. organization that works to fight hunger and poverty. “The idea for the Bloody Big Brunch has been bubbling away for a few years now,” Lee Beattie, the event’s co-founder, told Metro. “It all started when I was in a supermarket and spotted boxes of tampons literally chained up with security tags, a CCTV camera aimed at them and warning signs everywhere—it was a really bizarre scene. I snapped a pic and posted it on my social channels, with a witty caption. It wasn’t until a friend told me later that it was part of a bigger crack down and I was horrified. I had no idea, but women were desperately stealing sanitary products because they couldn’t afford them.” All of the Bloody Mary proceeds (tampons and sanitary napkins) from this weekend will go to women in need.

According to The List, Beattie—who is the director of creative agency Wire—plans on taking the brunch to different locations in the U.K. every month. The idea is to collect donations and also get a conversation going about many women’s monthly struggles.

This month, the inaugural brunch will be held at The Wee Guy’s in Glasgow and all are welcome—even those among us who don’t get their period. Aside from Bloody Marys, the menu will also feature “red-themed” brunch treats and non-alcoholic Bloodies. If you don’t happen to be in the Glasgow area and still want to help, you can donate to the event’s cause on their JustGiving page.