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This Blue Prosecco Is Making Italians Angry

Saraceni Wines

While neon red-hued aperitifs are completely okay with Italians, it seems blue drinks are taboo. Blumond, a blue “Prosecco” infused with blue curaçao and peach flavors—set to be released in Rome, Sicily and Milan this June—is angering Italian sommeliers and wine aficionados.

According to the Daily Mail, Blumond is not only an “insult to Italian tradition,” but the product shouldn’t even be considered wine due to its low alcohol content. To legally be labeled wine in Italy, a product must be at least 10 percent alcohol. Blumond, however, is only 7 percent ABV.

Wladimiro Gobbo, a member of Italy’s Sommelier Association, said that beverages like Blumond are “embarrassing,” and they’re “not wines but coloured liquids, dumb-downed hybrids with a watered-down percentage of alcohol.”

Blumond’s parent company, the Tuscany-based Fratelli Saraceni, has had success with the product in China and the U.S. The vibrant, effervescent liquid has been a hit at weddings and, according to their brand ambassador, “Anglo-Saxon” drinkers. Fratelli Saraceni assumed they would receive the same response from their home country but, clearly, they misjudged their countrymen’s taste for azure beverages.

The company isn’t relying on Italy for business, though. They’re already working on exporting it to the U.K., where the day-glo bubbly will be tasked with competing against “diet” Prosecco.