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This Wearable Beer Pong Table Is What Your Party Deserves

Instead of breaking out the warped, rickety beer pong table from college at your next party, take the drinking game to the next level by ditching the table all together. The new drinking game Body Pong is a beer pong table you can wear, perfect for turning any outdoor bash into a ridiculous, fast-moving, sudsy (and probably sticky) fun fest.  

Body Pong is designed like the carriers that hot dog vendors wear at baseball stadiums, with a strap around the neck that holds a backboard and cups in front of the torso. The unit has 10 holes that can fit standard Solo cups for the traditional setup. The backboard prevents your partner from lobbing the ball directly into your sternum, while also assisting in gameplay for people with bad aim.

Unlike classic Beer Pong, your team member stands about 8 to 10 feet opposite you. One person acts as the shooter, while the one who wears the Body Pong unit acts as the catcher. The official rules bar the catchers from using their hands, but encourage doing “whatever it takes” to catch the ball (they do say back flips are “not recommended.”)

Just like with regular beer pong, if the ball sinks, your opponent drinks. The team’s catcher disposes of the cup and its contents, and as Body Pong says, “whether that means showering the opposing shooter, or making him/her drink whatever sand-filled concoction you’ve now created, we’ll let you decide.” Check out this video to see gameplay in action.

All the moving around is sure to result in a few sticky situations from spilling, but as Body Pong is meant to be played outdoors, that’s all part of the fun. Just don’t waste too much drinkable beer with your Body Pong shenanigans.

While Body Pong isn’t yet available for purchase, you can pre-order a set of two (for two teams) for $65, estimated to be delivered this February.