Cops Bust Star Chef with 20lbs of Edibles at the Canadian Border

Acclaimed Boston-area chef Tim Maslow is known for his highly rated Italian restaurant, Ribelle, and is considered one of the city's brightest talents. But now, Maslow is gaining widespread attention for a, uh, different type of food that's got him in trouble with the law: marijuana edibles.

As first reported by The Boston Globe, the 31-year-old chef was arrested and released on bail Feb. 26 after police allegedly caught him with 22.5lbs of THC edibles and a pipe in his vehicle at the United States/Canada border. Police said the incident occurred around 4:44am at the almost all too fittingly named Highgate Port of Entry, and involved four other people, but authorities said Maslow was "very cooperative," and "claimed it was all his,” according to the report. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of felony possession of marijuana and possession of a depressant, stimulant, and narcotic.

Maslow is well-known for Ribelle, which received a rare four-star review from The Boston Globe. He was also named one of Food & Wine's 2015's Best New Chefs, per the report. However, it's unclear what his future and the future of Ribelle will hold, following the alleged drug bust. As Eater reports, Maslow appeared to post cryptic videos via the restaurant's Instagram account, one of which showed Ribelle business cards burning and another showing the Globe review on fire with the caption, "I'm done with this one too. Have your 4 stars back @bostonglobe. Give it to someone who wants it." The posts appear to have been removed. However, the restaurant's Twitter account suggests Ribelle may have been renamed to 1665 Beacon St:

We called the number listed on Ribelle's website, but nobody answered.

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