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Kendall Jenner Called Out for Not Tipping Her Bartender

Not tipping your bartender is one of the biggest faux pas you can commit as a bar patron, but it’s especially rude when you’re a famous model and reality TV star. Kendall Jenner is learning that lesson the hard way, thanks to some serious public Instagram shaming.  

Brooklyn bar and music venue Baby’s All Right, where Jenner’s rumored boyfriend A$AP Rocky performed on Thursday, posted a picture on Instagram of a receipt for a $24 bill, signed by Jenner, with the tip left blank. The caption read “Don’t forget to tip your bartender :)”

Public outcry was immediate, with people taking to social media to criticize both Jenner for stiffing her bartender, and the bar for posting a patron’s receipt. The bar has since taken the post down, but it’s too late. The photo has already gone viral. 

It could be that Jenner left a cash tip or, perhaps, someone else handled the tip, but this is not the first time she’s been caught up in a tipping scandal. In a series of tweets, a waitress previously accused Jenner of leaving a restaurant without paying and then throwing money in her face—a claim Jenner countered by threatening a defamation suit. Jenner has yet to respond to the current controversy.

Kendall, if you left the tip blank because you’re confused about how much to pay, you can get help from this article, in which bartenders reveal exactly how much they expect a patron to tip—even when they aren’t world famous multi-millionaires.