The Return of Spuds MacKenzie

In its latest nostalgia advertising ploy, Bud Light is bringing its ‘80s canine mascot, Spuds MacKenzie, back from the dead—literally. The beer giant’s upcoming Super Bowl ad features the ghost of the beloved four-legged brand rep returning to once again help drinkers connect with buds over Buds.

The ad features ghost Spuds leading a resistant homebody on a Christmas Carol-esque tour of gatherings the wallflower has missed, until he finally realizes the error of his ways. As the passive Scrooge is reunited with friends—a case of Bud Light in tow, of course—Spuds asks him to crack open a beer for him (because he doesn’t have thumbs), before flying off into the night to help some other poor solitary drinker.

According to CNN Money, The “super party animal” was first introduced during the 1987 Super Bowl, making his revival for Super Bowl LI all the more appropriate. The mascot was discontinued in 1989—a short life, even by dog standards—after buzzkill Sen. Strom Thurmond rallied against him for purportedly promoting underage drinking.

Since the real Spuds (who was actually a female bull terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye) died in 1993, and we’re pretty sure Bud Light doesn’t employ witch doctors, we can only assume the company faked the dog’s return using the same hologram technology that brought back Tupac. With the revival of Spuds and Harvey Wallbanger, we can only wonder if the Budweiser Frogs are due for a triumphant return.