Burger King Is Brutally Trolling IHOP for Changing Its Name to 'IHOb'

It seems like just yesterday that we lived in a world of endless possibility, in which IHOP's mysterious "IHOb" could've meant anything: International House of Breakfast, International House of Bugs, International House of Bifocals. But in fact, yesterday (Monday) was the day we found out that IHOb means International House of Burgers. And the world let out a collective, Oh sure, ya, that makes sense

But the other restaurant chains smelled blood. Wendy's trashed IHOP on Twitter. Waffle House subtweeted via a Bruce Lee quote. And now, Burger King has dunked on IHOP by changing its name to Pancake King. No, really.

This new logo is on Burger King's Twitter and Facebook page. There wasn't any big announcement of the change or anything. It just showed up, which honestly makes the whole thing even colder. 


The only reference Burger King has made to it so far is in responding to another user's tweet. 

So, let this be a lesson: If you're going to draw the world's attention to your marketing gimmick, make sure it's something so exciting that you're not leaving yourself vulnerable to every single one of your competitors dunking on you in a public forum.

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