Burger King Gets Boozy

Burger-friendly brews are coming to a high court in New York, as Burger King looks to add booze to one of its locations. The chain recently applied for a liquor license at its Garment District location, looking to build on the success of its boozy U.K. outposts, as well as the brand’s (slightly) higher-end, fast-casual-ish Whopper Bars.

According to Eater, Burger King wasn’t shy when it debuted booze in the U.K. in 2015, offering plastic pints of Guinness to pair with King Croissan’wiches starting at 10 a.m. The first New York location to serve drinks debuted last year in New York's Financial District, with a menu of beers priced around $7. This being Burger King—home of McFlurry knockoffs like the Fruit Loops Shake—there’s also a Guinness Shake, a 700-calorie boozy shake fit for a carb-loving king.

The newest liquor license request hasn’t gone through yet—the king, we imagine, is anxiously fidgeting on his throne in anticipation—but given Taco Bell’s rapidly expanding boozy cantina concept, we can definitely see the burger chain installing taps next to the soda fountain in every hamlet across the land. Soon any peasant will be able to drink like a fast food king.

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