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Trader Joe’s to Serve Free Booze Tastings

No longer will you have to blindly buy a bottle of Three-Buck Chuck without knowing if you’ll actually like the taste of it. Trader Joe’s is letting customers sample beer and wine for free before buying—well, in California, at least. The downtown Menlo Park location has received approval for a dedicated tasting area of their store, joining its fellow Bay Area location in Greenbrae.

Trader Joe’s employees will administer the tastings in their 21-and-older alcoholic beverage section, which is enclosed by a 4-foot-high cedar wall. Tastings will be served in 1-oz cups and, just like the sample eggrolls, people will be limited to testing three varieties at a time.

The pre-existing tasting area at the Greenbrae location has proved to be a success, encouraging people who would normally pass on higher-priced wine to spring for the more costly bottle after tasting it, according to Mercury News.

Unfortunately, TJ’s does not plan to offer spirits tastings at this time. Until they do, we’ll just have to host our own whiskey tastings at home—complete with TJ’s brand frozen apps, of course.