Celebrate 4/20 With Cannabis Vodka

This year, don’t restrict your 4/20 celebration to herbal substances. Instead, toast the heady holiday with a cocktail made with a new cannabis-infused vodka: Humboldt's Finest. The award-winning Humboldt Distillery from green-loving California infuses their organic vodka with legal food-grade hemp, so everyone (even those in weed-free states) can partake.

Since it doesn’t contain any THC, the vodka won’t get you high, but it does allow you to enjoy all the grassy and aromatic nuances of that good good kush in all 50 states. And if you are lucky enough to reside in one of the 30 states with some form of legal marijuana, then you can mix up a celebratory cocktail with other infused products or simply pair neat sips of the Humboldt vodka with your favorite strain.

Given the distillery’s pedigree, it comes as no surprise that the new premium cannabis vodka has done well at the judge’s table. According to Yahoo, it scored 93 points in The Tasting Panel magazine, with tasters noting hints of floral jasmine and orange blossom, fennel, thyme, lime and pepper. Bars have taken the grassy spirit and run through the fields with it, pairing the vodka with other garden-fresh ingredients like rosemary, beets and cucumber, which sounds like a way better use of cannabis’s nuanced flavors than those chalky brownies you cooked up in your college dorm room. We can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle and mix up some dank Hemp-tinis and Bloody Mary Janes.