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Watch Céline Dion Handle a Drunk Fan Humping Her

Americans love their celebrities. A lot. Yet when a fan gets the chance to meet one of their famous heroes (especially when that fan is drunk), both are  often at a loss for words, which can lead to some pretty awkward situations. Like a woman going onstage during a Céline Dion concert and humping her.

At a January 5 concert in Las Vegas, a woman climbed up on stage with Dion while she was making a statement, wrapped one of her legs around Queen Céline and gyrated her hips on the singer. The Power of Love was not with this unnamed fan, but Dion handled the episode with the skill of someone who has dealt with a post-birthday shots person.

Rather than bringing security onstage to deal with the humper, Dion took the chance to send a message of humanity and kindness.

“You know what? Some people go through a lot and some people need to talk,” Dion said to the crowd after the incident. “And I want to say thank you to all of you, because for maybe five minutes we have given this lady a moment to talk.”

Next time you’re at the bar around closing time, channel your inner Dion, because she’s the listener we all wish we had after that final cocktail.