Champagne Is Good for Your Heart

The sound of Champagne bottles popping is enough to get anyone’s heart racing, but it turns out drinking the bubbly ambrosia could have even greater cardiovascular benefits. According to a new study from the University of Reading in England , sparkling wines like Champagne and prosecco can help improve heart health, much like red wine.

The study found that sparkling wines improve blood vessel functionality and aid circulation. While we like to imagine that the bubbles are propelling our blood cells through our bodies, the polyphenols in the wines are actually the responsible parties. Polyphenols reduce obstructive inflammation in the bloodstream, and act as antioxidants fighting free radicals elsewhere in the body.

This is not the first time the team at Reading has boosted the benefits of bubbly. Three years ago, they found that Champagne improves memory, determining that three glasses of sparkling wine could offset dementia and Alzheimer's. With the combined effects on brain and heart, this is one regimen we can definitely follow. Hopefully, the Champagne diet will be the next big health trend.