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Pop Those Boxes: Champagne Pocky is Here

Everyone’s favorite sweet Japanese snack is back with a brand new flavor, just in time to welcome 2017. The confectionary company Gilco just announced that Pocky, Almond Premio chocolates and crunchy chocolate Capilco cones are all getting the Champagne treatment. The new treats were developed in collaboration with pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi, who is known for his award-winning confections.

The Champagne Pocky will not only be flavored with Champagne but also 1.4 times longer than the original snack. Each of the champagne-laced confections contain .1 percent alcohol, so snackers are encouraged to abstain from snacking while driving (Japan has a zero-percent alcohol policy for drivers). Instead, the crunchy, sparkling-infused snacks should be enjoyed at home, preferably accompanied by a glass of the real stuff or a Champagne Cocktail.

Champagne Pocky along with the other Gilco treats will be available January 3, but only in Japan for now. If you need a Champagne snack to tide you over, try one of these Champagne Jello Shots. They may not be Pocky, but they’ll definitely help you scratch that edible sparkling itch.