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A New Orleans Bar Is Getting a Champagne Vending Machine

Reese’s and Cool Ranch Doritos are no longer the best things to come out of a vending machine. That title now belongs to Champagne. The French 75 bar at the New Orleans Creole stalwart, Arnaud’s, will soon install a vending machine stocked with mini bottles of Moët & Chandon. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “bottle service.”

According to ABC, rather than force bar-goers to uncrumple and smooth out dollar bills over and over to reach the $20 price tag for each bottle, drinkers can buy a specially made gold coin at the bar to use in the machine. The vending machine dispenses the bottles gently so as to minimize shaking, and each bottle comes with a spout to allow drinkers to gulp down their bubbly straight—no flutes required. The machine is one of three self-serve bubbly dispensers in the world, with the other two residing in luxury hotels in Las Vegas. Arnaud’s is the first restaurant to host such a life-changing machine, and we’d much rather pop a bottle with some friends in a James Beard finalist bar than in a sad Vegas suite in solitude.

If you want to experience the wonder that is a Champagne vending machine, you better act fast: The machine will pop up at the restaurant from April 13 to 16 and holds just 320 bottles, which should tide thirsty New Orleanians over for about an hour.