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Channing Tatum Will Personally Deliver Vodka to You

Channing Tatum is so proud of his Born and Bred Vodka that he’ll hand-deliver you a bottle. The actor spent his Saturday shocking Los Angeles-based customers of the Saucey liquor delivery app by showing up at their doors with vodka in hand, documenting each scream and expletive-filled encounter on his Instagram. His caption on the post, “I got to have a little fun freaking people out this weekend,” was a bit of an understatement.

Recipients ranged from longtime Magic Mike aficionados, to a couple who needed help recovering from their Saturday morning hangovers, to a group of blasé women who greeted the A-lister delivery boy with total indifference. But the best reaction was from a group of gents who invited Tatum to join their party, taking shots and handle pulls of the celeb’s vodka between selfies. At one point he even commandeered a mini go-kart and zoomed down the hallway—to deliver more vodka we suspect.

The best part for fans tracking Tatum’s morning deliveries over social media is that he intends to repeat the stunt in other cities soon. “Get yourself a bottle of B&B and keep your eyes peeled!” Tatum wrote on Instagram. We don’t care if it is a marketing ploy; we’ll be ordering caseloads of vodka just for a chance to drink with our favorite celebrity vodka maker. Top that, Amazon Prime.