Channing Tatum Is Making Vodka

Channing Tatum has somehow found a way to make himself even more irresistible. Not only can he act, look pretty and dance like he’s made of liquid funk, but he is also now making vodka.

Tatum recently announced the launch of Born and Bred Vodka, a small batch potato vodka distilled by Grand Teton Distillery in every woman’s fantasy -- sorry, we meant to say Idaho. While Tatum specifically chose Grand Teton’s vodka for its smooth texture and easy finish, he isn’t insisting people drink it straight. In fact, he really doesn’t care how you drink it. “Most people drink vodka because they don’t want to taste it. They want to put a mix in it and just have it go away, like not taste it and get drunk, which is fine, I don’t care,” he told Bon Appetit. “I’m not here trying to be a purist telling people that they want to taste vodka. I really do like the taste, but I also get it.”

Tatum also takes a non-traditional approach in describing the spirit, eschewing the usual flavor notes in favor of style choices. “The vodka would wear whatever opposite of everyone else,” he says. “So if it’s a backyard party, he probably shows up in a tux. If it’s a tux thing, he probably shows up in cutoff jeans shorts and a tank top, with some cowboy boots. He’s just wildin’.”

With its jackalope mascot (“I’m sort of obsessed with trickster archetypes,” Tatum said.) and its intriguing slogan (“Cross my heart and hope for mischief.”), the vodka already has our vote for next big celebrity spirit. Now we can finally make that Magic Mike-tini we’ve been dreaming of. It’s just a Vodka Martini with some edible glitter on the rim—but we drink it while listening to Ginuwine’s “Pony.”