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Channing Tatum Is Signing Vodka Bottles Tonight and It's Causing Chaos

When Channing Tatum arrives, people Step Up 2: The Streets. Tatum is visiting Fine Wine and Good Spirits in Hummelstown, PA, to promote his Born and Bred Vodka brand on June 27 at 6 p.m., and people camped outside through a rainy night just to get a chance to see him and get a bottle signed.

Tatum’s spirit is a potato vodka made at Grand Teton Distillery in Idaho. He has described Born and Bred as “refined and quality enough to wear a tuxedo with,” but also a vodka that is “just wildin’.” That probably doesn’t matter much to the huge crowd gathered in the liquor store parking lot. The umbrella-holding group of primarily middle aged women seem to be there for the man, not the spirit that they can buy at any random time.

People have been coming in from Delaware, Ohio and Virginia to see Tatum, someone from the liquor store told Penn Live. The first lines started on the day before at 9 a.m., and when questioned, the people waiting said their favorite Tatum movie is Magic Mike, and they’re “hoping he does a Magic Mike dance for us.” Whether or not that happens, they’ll at least get a bottle of vodka for their time spent.

“Channing Tatum will sign up to six pre-purchased bottles of Born and Bred Vodka per person,” a news release says. “No other items will be autographed. Every person in line must have at least one bottle of Born and Bred Vodka purchased at the Hummelstown Fine Wine and Good Good Spirits Premium Collection on Wednesday, June 27.”