Indiana's First Church of Cannabis Comes Just After SB 101

Published On 04/01/2015 Published On 04/01/2015

Following Gov. Mike Pence signing the controversial Religious Freedom Act (SB 101) into law yesterday, Tuesday, March 31, is something pretty unexpected: the establishment of Indiana's First Church of Cannabis. 

Chicagoist reports that the church's doors were opened just hours after the law, which could allow discrimination against LGBT people, was signed, and that the Church of Cannabis is actually an "officially recognized religion in the state of Indiana." The church's mission, as stated on its Facebook page, is "to Celebrate LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, EQUALITY and COMPASSION for all." And, of course, "Be a CANNABITERIAN!" 

Obviously, it is still not legal to smoke marijuana in Indiana (and Illinois is still waiting on medical marijuana distribution centers). Whether or not you're ready to convert, the church certainly boasts an outlook more inclusive and positive than that of SB 101. 

Lucy Meilus is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter at @Lucymeilus



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