The CTA Is Tired of Your Crap Manners on Trains and Buses

Published On 05/27/2015 Published On 05/27/2015

For most humans, not being a complete asshole while riding CTA trains or buses is fairly easy. But needless to say, plenty of Chicagoans need a reminder to not to be complete pigs by littering everywhere.

That’s why the CTA is launching a new — and overdue — “courtesy" campaign this week that shames the inconsiderate jerks among us (you know who you are) with a series of humorous ads depicting lapses in acceptable behavior — because apparently, enough people didn't learn manners from their moms.


The campaign’s messages, developed in-house by the CTA and inspired by vocal complainers like you, target the all-too-typical rudeness: putting your bags on seats, blasting your music for the whole car to hear, chowing down on smelly food, and refusing to give up your seat for pregnant or older people who actually need it. You know, the Red Line's finest… However, you won't see any banners condemning "manspreading," as seen on NYC's transit system. Apparently, it hasn't caught on in Chicago.

The CTA launched a similar courtesy campaign back in 2000, but clearly it didn't instill lasting manners in the system's approximately 1.6 million daily riders. 


"[B]ased on feedback we’ve received from passengers, we believe this public-service campaign will help improve the transit experience by continuing the dialogue about courtesy among our customers," Graham Garfield, the CTA's General Manager of Customer Information, said in a statement. "We hope it will encourage customers to think more about courteous behavior on CTA trains and buses.”

Yeah, we hope so, too...

Check out a few more of the ads here:


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