Chicago's Infamous Hot Dog Spot Is Selling 3-Inch 'Trump Footlongs'

Chicagoans have distinct opinions about hot dog consumption -- and aside from the ketchup and sport pepper bylaws, everyone knows eating at Wieners Circle and ordering a chocolate shake also delivers a healthy helping of full-blown sexuality.

Continuing in its quest to add innuendo (or explicit displays, for that matter) into food-hawking, the infamous tubed meat purveyor is running a promotion this weekend that plays off recent news involving GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump: namely, a Trump Footlong. But, this "footlong" isn't like other footlongs, according to Redeye. No, it's a meager 3 inches. Check it out for yourself.

First announced Thursday, the promotion lampoons The Donald's recent allusion to the size of his (likely tiny) penis and coincides with an impending rally at the University Illinois-Chicago Pavilion on Friday.

"We've got the best weekend deals. The other guys, they think they make deals. But we make DEALS," a post on the restaurant's Facebook said. "Really spectacular. You can read about it here. The press, they love us. Believe me."

Wiener's Circle creative director Brendan Kelly told Redeye the temporary "Trump Art of the Meal menu" will offer three options: the lonely, aforementioned small wiener ($2.69), dressed Chicago-style; the Trump Package ($8.30), which includes two mini-dogs, fries and a drink; or the Super PAC ($12.56), which includes four mini-dogs, fries and a drink.

Kelly also revealed the restaurant and its hat will temporarily feature signs and hats that read, “Make wieners great again.”

The diminutive dogs are available only Friday through Sunday. And while 3 inches is anything but yuuuge, there's one thing everyone can agree: it's a fitting tribute to such a wiener.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He has ordered the chocolate shake at Wiener's Circle. Multiple times. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.