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Cocktail Bitters Beard Oil Makes Your Face Smell Botanical

Finally, hipsters can now enjoy two old-timey products—small batch cocktail bitters and artisanal beard oil—in a single faux-19th century dropper bottle. That’s right. Thanks to a new line of bitters-inspired beard oils from Scottish bitters brand Dr. Adam Elmegirab, bearded drinkers no longer need to scent their facial hair by spilling cocktails on it.

The good doctor is offering two different hydrating balms for bushy faces. Barbarossa’s Beard Oil, inspired by the brand’s Spanish Bitters, is named for Hayreddin Barbarossa, a 16th century Ottoman naval officer, and contains citrus and floral aromas. Morrissey’s Beard Oil is based on the Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters, a partnership with The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog in New York. The warm, smokey, spicy oil takes inspiration from John Morrissey, aka Old Smoke, leader of the notorious Dead Rabbits gang. Both oils are offered in 50 ml bottles for 20 GBP apiece.

According to Bar Magazine, brand founder and former bartender Adam Elmegirab developed the beard oils as a “tongue-in-cheek stab at male bartenders’ penchant for beards.” Elmegirab has also committed a portion of the proceeds from the oils to charity, with five percent going to Prostate Cancer UK.