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A Brewery Is Making a Beer With Glitter and Marshmallow Peeps

Every spring, multi-colored marshmallow Peeps invade every grocery store in America. Now they’re coming for your beer. The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, Texas, is brewing up a Peeps-flavored glitter beer that’ll be ready by Easter.

The beer is appropriately named “Peep This Collab.” According to the Dallas Morning News, it’s brewed with more than 30 boxes of Peeps, vanilla and butterfly pea flower. It’ll come out of the brewing tanks a shade of purple thanks to the butterfly pea, and edible glitter will be thrown in after, because how else would Peep This Collab stand out from all the Peep beers out there (yes, there have been others).

“Several of us were just sitting around the brewery talking about how beer has become this super serious thing,” Collective Brewing Project’s head brewer and co-founder Ryan Deyo said. “I’ve been on a kick to assert beer should be a fun thing… We make a beer with ramen noodles, so Peeps isn’t really a stretch.”

Ramen beer aside, a quick look at the brewery’s current draft offerings shows that playing with flavors is nothing new. They also have matcha, strawberry-mint and cranberry-rosemary beers. Peeps are both seasonal and delicious, so it’s only right that Collective gave the marshmallow poofs a chance. After all, 700 million Peeps are sold every year, and an average of 5.5 million Peeps are made every day. They have to go somewhere, and that somewhere might as well be in beer.