Company Offers a Lifetime Supply of Booze to Single People

Forget Christmas and Valentine’s Day and Arbor Day. The best holiday we’ve ever heard of is China’s Singles’ Day, an annual festival that celebrates singledom.

Every year on November 11 (Get it? Because 11/11 is as many ones as you can have in a single date?), singles in China buy themselves and others gifts—lots and lots of gifts (the name “Singles’ Day” was actually trademarked by online retailer Alibaba). It is the single biggest day for online shopping in the world—eclipsing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And this year, one Chinese company is offering singles an incredible gift: a lifetime supply of booze. OK, technically you can get it if you’re married too, but come one married people—the singles need this.

Jiang Xiao Bai is offering its first 33 customers the chance to purchase enough baijiu (an extremely strong and funky Chinese spirit) to last them through their entire lives for just 11,111 yuan ($1,673). Buyers will receive 12 bottles of baijiu every month for the rest of their lives. And, if they happen to die within five years of buying the lifetime supply, they can pass the deliveries onto a family member.

Not only does this seem like a great deal, but it also sounds like a potentially successful way to attract a mate. We can’t think of anything more romantic than someone wanting to share their nearly unlimited booze with us for the rest of our lives—or until Jiang Xiao Bai goes bankrupt. According to Carbonated.TV, the company said that, should it go belly up, the offer will end. So, if you do end up getting in on this deal, make sure to squirrel a few bottles away—just in case.

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