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Corona Is Releasing Its First New Beer in 29 Years

Corona is coming out with a new way to find your beach. For the first time in 29 years, the brand is releasing a new beer: Corona Premier.

Corona Premier is a low calorie beer that’s even lighter than Corona Light with only 90 calories per bottle. For the record, that’s only nine fewer calories than Corona Light and 58 fewer calories than Corona Extra. Compared to domestics, it’s 20 calories less than Bud Light, six calories less than Miller Lite and 12 calories less than Coors Light. It took 29 years for it to come out, but your Corona and lime can now officially take the crown as your lowest calorie option.  

Corona describes Premier as having a “refined, crisp taste and even-bodied feel” that “makes it the smoothest and most drinkable Corona.” It’s heavier on taste and lighter on calories, but not lighter on price. Premier will be the same price as Light and Extra, which are around 40 percent more expensive than domestics, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Constellation Brands, which owns Corona, is targeting Premier to men 35 and older who are tired of the same old domestics. Premier’s tagline is “lower carbs, lower calories, higher expectations,” and the first ad features a guy who wears nice shirts, possibly uses Touch of Gray and makes a killer bowl of guac. Oh yeah, he also takes his lime out of his Corona and squirts it on the guacamole instead of putting it in his bottle. Last faux pas aside, who wouldn’t want to age like that guy?

Corona Premier is available now in 12-ounce bottles and cans.