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The CouchCoaster Will Keep All Your Drinks From Spilling

One of the best parts about kicking back on the couch for some chill time is having a frosty beverage next to you. The worst part is that you rarely have a guaranteed no-spill spot to put that frosty beverage. Enter the CouchCoaster.

The CouchCoaster is a $25 rubber drink holder that fits on pretty much every couch arm. All you have to do is drape it over the sides of the arm of your couch and there you have it. Mugs, glasses, bottles, canned cocktails—if you drink out of it and it doesn’t have a stem, then it’ll fit in the CouchCoaster. It’s so convenient, the only problem you’ll have with it is figuring out what to do with your hands now that you don’t have to constantly hover over your drink.

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make the most impact. Take the plastic wrap off your couch because the days of worrying about stains are over. Or, since you probably realized way too late that you are the type of person who should put plastic on your couch, buy a new stain-free couch. Even if your coordination is more Samwell Tarly than Jon Snow, CouchCoaster can save your furniture.

The CouchCoaster proclaims to be “the ultimate drink holder for your sofa,” and you know, maybe. It certainly beats spills.

h/t: Delish