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8 Greatest Boozy Feats to Earn Guinness World Records

Like any group, the drinking sect contains its fair share of innovators—those who seek to push the boundaries of drink making and presentation. The most auspicious of these liquor feats rightly earn recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Just recently, Cottons bar in London set the world record for offering the most rum brands, including rare pours like Nepalese Khukri rum, and expensive ones like a $300 shot from a 1960s British Navy Rum Flagon. The bar joins the pantheon of record-holders, those pioneers of potation who have mixed, sipped and shaken their way to fame. Here, eight more of the craziest world records of drinking.

Most Cocktails Made in One Minute: 18

More and more bars have begun pre-batching cocktails or offering mixed drinks on draft in order to speed up service, but they could save all that effort by just hiring Sheldon Wiley, who broke the world record for most cocktails made in a minute in 2013 live on Good Morning America. Required to make the drinks one at a time, Wiley whipped up an impressive 18 cocktails.

Most People Shaking Drinks at Once: 1,710

At Diageo’s Western European Conference in 2013, brand ambassador Kenji Jesse led a crowd of 1,710 participants armed with cocktail shakers in a drinks-making session that broke the world record for most people shaking drinks at once. The army of drink makers produced Vodka Martinis with lemon twist garnishes, a fine choice among the many ways to make the classic drink.

Most Bottle Elbow Bumps in a Row: 29

While we harbor mixed feelings about the utility of cocktail flair, we can’t deny that Tom Dyer is a true master of his craft. The competitive cocktail showboater is particularly adept at bottle bumps on his elbow (flipping a bottle by bouncing it on his arm). Dyer holds the world record with 29 consecutive bumps.

Most Expensive (Booze-Themed) Pizza: $3,321

The world’s most expensive pizza sold at auction may not initially seem relevant to the world of drinking, until you realize that the pizza in question was made in honor of one of the literary and cinematic world’s most famed drinkers: James Bond. Themed for the release of the film Casino Royale, the pizza was inspired by 007’s sophisticated taste in both food and booze. The pizza’s toppings included lobster marinated in Cognac, Champagne-scented Beluga caviar, fillet steak marinated in scotch and Vodka Martini-infused smoked salmon.

Longest Domino Drop Shot: 4,578 Shots

Sake bombs and Boilermakers combine all the best aspects of a shot and a beer in one splashy union of booze. While a long tableful of drinkers dropping the shots at the same time may seem impressive to you and your friends, that’s nothing compared to the world’s longest domino drop shot, which involved a chain reaction of 4,578 shots tipped into glasses.

Highest Beer Keg Toss: 26 Feet

As a vodka-maker, Supercall’s BFF Hafþór “Thor” JĂşlĂ­us Björnsson, better known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones, knows a thing or two about drinking booze. But he also knows something about throwing it up—into the air. The massive Icelandic strongman holds the world record for highest beer keg toss, hurling a 12-kilogram keg a magnificent 26 feet high.

Most Champagne Corks Popped at Once: 2,778

There’s nothing quite like the pop of a Champagne cork; that crack that ripples through a room signals bubbly celebration is in order. The Italian bank Banca Mediolanum took the celebration to a new level in 2007 for its 25th anniversary, organizing the largest simultaneously popped Champagne bottles in the world. A festive 2,778 corks were fired off at once in triumphant fizzy delight.

Largest Toga Party: 3,700 People

The University of Queensland Union and Queensland University of Technology know how to throw a shindig. In 2012, the universities, based in Brisbane, Australia, celebrated orientation by bringing together 3,700 of their most avid partiers in the world’s biggest toga party. The chants of “Toga! Toga!” must have been deafening.

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